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How to Quickly Mine a Cold List for Qualified Leads

An industrial component manufacturer came to The Alias Group with a list of over 2,000 sales contacts in a narrow market that they had no way of qualifying. The company had let this under-served segment grow cold and couldn’t determine either the current status or future potential of each contact. And as often happens, the company’s own outside sales staff had larger accounts and active business to attend to.

After a compressed onboarding process, Alias assigned one completely dedicated sales professional to the account. This salesperson personally phoned every contact on the list (several times, if necessary) to quickly determine which contacts were most likely not qualifiable and which had the most potential to become high-quality prospects. Good old-fashioned phone work in volume is still one of the most effective ways to qualify prospects.

Cooperate early and often

One key to this project was the early cooperation and collaboration from the client company’s outside sales staff. As the project progressed, expanded, and evolved, the relationship became more and more interactive. As Alias delivered high-quality, qualified leads back to the outside sales staff, they in turn looked to Alias as a valuable ongoing resource.

The primary goal of the initial phase of the campaign was to qualify the best leads quickly and remove any that didn’t have potential to qualify. A “qualified” lead in this case meant one with high potential to convert to a sale and one with enough volume to warrant the attention of an outside salesperson. Those qualified leads were fed back to the outside sales staff for their immediate attention.

Deliverables above and beyond

While lead qualifications are coming in and conversions are happening, there is another deliverable that The Alias Group is producing—market intelligence. The market intelligence that Alias supplied to this company was real-time information that could only have come from person-to-person engagement.

As trust grew between Alias and the client, the project expanded to a new stage that targeted three separate industries. Alias’ dedicated salesperson delivered 48 highly qualified opportunities across these industries, as well as setting up 10 in-person appointments for the outside sales staff in just three months.

​Still ongoing, this Lead-to-Qualification program continues to create new opportunities and close significant business for the client’s outside sales team. The long-term commitment from the client is forging an ideal partnership that has qualified over 75 active opportunities in the program’s most recent calendar year.

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