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How Salesforce Creates Opportunities Automatically

Salesforce is like a high-performance NASCAR engine that needs to be fine-tuned to beat out the competition week in and week out. To optimize your Salesforce with confidence, follow these six guideposts faithfully…

1. Match Your Salesforce to Your Sales Process

Every business has a different sales process that works best for them. But before you even start inputting data, you need to customize your Salesforce instance to fit your unique set of objectives and establish best practices for inputting, maintaining, and utilizing customer relationship data.

2. Input Lead Source Details Religiously

Most organizations don’t use Salesforce to its full potential. They might say they keep track of their leads, which usually means they input basic information like contact, phone number, and the product or service they are interested in. But with a Salesforce inputting process in place, your lead entry process can get at information even more important—where the lead came from.

3. Make Essential Profile Fields Mandatory

To keep your Salesforce data creating opportunities, you have to make certain data collection steps mandatories. Creating a structure on the types of questions and information that you want your sales team to capture enables your sales lead to develop more efficient and successful strategies.

4. Create Opportunities with Regular Check-ins

Winning new business is what it’s all about. Having clear understanding by your team on when to move sales prospects through the sales cycle helps you identify where opportunities are stalling. It allows management the ability to help sales with prospects through coaching and new techniques.

5. Collect Performance Data and Analyze Metrics

Salesforce is the best tool to manage your sales group towards its growth objectives. Reports and dashboards allow every member of your sales team to know how they are performing. These reports identify where they are doing well and where they need help. Sales strategies should evolve, and the most effective way to evolve those sales strategies is with real-time customer and market data.

6. Have a Passion for Your Sales Process

Salesforce will only perform at the highest level if your sales processes are defined and customized to your business. But once you’ve done that, then Salesforce can uncover important patterns about your customers—both current and potential—in surprising ways. This is how Salesforce creates opportunities automatically, by keeping your sales funnel full and retargeting your efforts to where they will yield the best results.

At Alias, we start by examining the unique inside sales challenges that your company faces. Then we move methodically through stages from discovery to strategy to proposal to implementation. The Alias discovery process uncovers your current sales processes, your most pressing challenges, and your short- and long-term goals. Then we develop an inside sales program or Salesforce optimization plan that is both intuitive and results-driven.

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