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Culture of Success Series: Marketing Bell Ring

Our Marketing Team recently got to ring the bell! Steven Miles decided that his company, Miles Scientific, formerly known as Analtech, Inc., was having a bit of an identity crisis. After acquiring the business, Steven could see that the Analtech name was no longer relevant, and that he needed some assistance transitioning from the infamous name to a new brand.

Steven decided to purchase our Brand Package. We created the new logo, tagline, made suggestions about website design upgrades, and more. We overhauled the disjointed feeling and look to more accurately reflect this fun yet professional company. While this in itself was a great project to work on, the bell ringing came after.

Steven liked working with The Alias Group so much and appreciated the final deliverable that he decided to sign on for continued marketing services. We are thrilled to be working with, and as, Miles Scientific and are so excited that the feeling was mutual.

Whether you are looking for a small revamp or a major overhaul, our Marketing Team is built to handle projects of any size across a number of industries. Our goal is to establish a relationship and build a future together as partners in growth.

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