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Why You Shouldn't Go Looking for a Marketing Unicorn

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My daughter's love for unicorns began on a crisp September day, when the two of us went to the mall looking for a few long sleeved shirts. As we cruised through H&M, she saw it. A stuffed unicorn costume. She became obsessed. She was going to be a “udicorn” for Halloween. Like any good grandmother, my mom searched everywhere for the stuffed “udicorn” costume. Finally, while shopping at Home Goods one afternoon, she found it. My daughter was ecstatic. Her Halloween (and maybe year) was made.

After Halloween passed, I thought the unicorn obsession would end, but my daughter has clung to it hard. And thanks to the nationwide unicorn obsession, you will see a unicorn on every shelf where products are sold these days. In a great triumph of marketing, it's impossible for mothers to escape any shopping situation without a long "udicorn" themed begging session.

Like my mom went in search of the unicorn, some companies are seeking their own unicorns in their marketing hires. The difference is they're not going to find their marketing unicorn.

To find out why and what they're missing, connect with Kate on LinkedIn.

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