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Can You Prove Marketing ROI?

Marketing agency Newark, Delaware

It’s the middle of football season and while I am a lifetime Eagles fan, I’m still a little fuzzy on football metrics. I’ve heard commentators discuss the NFL’s Quarterback Rating for years. But what do these metrics really mean? Does any single metric in isolation tell me how successful one player is at any given time? How about the team as a whole?

All of this got me thinking about B2B marketing metrics and the utilization of benchmark data. Many B2B companies are very fuzzy on marketing metrics in a similar way that I am on football metrics. If you can’t evaluate your performance, then it is difficult to know what performs better or how to improve. And it’s difficult—if not impossible—to tell the C-Suite or management what key metrics mean without a meaningful standard to compare to. Understanding how to find and apply benchmark data will help clear up that fuzziness.

To learn how you can apply this lesson to grow your business, read Kate's original post on the Delaware Business Times.

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